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Welcome to the ecstatic world of Tantric Touch and glow massage the world’s most satisfying massage fulfilment exceed the most demanding of expectations.

Step into a mystical journey of spiritual, emotional or physical release unlike anything you have ever encountered,  the most incredible sensual Touch massage that you just have to try once in this life time.

Touch and Glow MassageTantric Massage include a one small part of a wide range of Tantric Arts. 

Tantric Massage  has its roots in Tantra.

The word comes from two Sanskrit words which are ‘tanoti’ and ‘trayati’ which mean expansion and liberation respectively. Tantra is a means by which the human being achieves expansion of their consciousness and achieves creativity,liberation and total freedom with no limits such as a divine experience. Tantric massage is one of the many practices of the tantra  Arts and approaches sexuality in a sacred way, especially in the western world that has been misunderstood or misused as sex…. Tantra is an ancient science of energy there is no real standards, every therapist practise a different Tantric Art.  You will experience different sensual or sexual Tantric Massage that is  not the case here. Tantric practise using a ritual to access the supra ordinary via the ordinary in order to become free and creative.

One of the primary purposes of Tantric Massage is to use various discipline Art of Sensual Touch, Your Tantric Goddess will slowly and delicately massage every part of your body Skilfully mixing tantric massage techniques with special long strokes and breathing, she will heighten your sensitivity and build the enjoyment up to the maximum, given attention and care, with the special emphasis on your most sensitive areas to awaken all of your senses and to fully awaken the most powerful and healing form of energy that lie dormant in the spine the Kundalini, moving up the spine, circulating and infusing tremendous amount of energy and healing, the energy of a heightened erotic state is the same high frequency energy of youth circulating throughout your entire body that have the incredible ability to heal and energising the body and brings greater zest and focus to your work and play.


The pleasurable side effects of Tantric Massage is gaining popularity in our culture today, most importantly is  the healing power of Tantric Arts Massage, the world’s most satisfying massage experience.

Your Tantric journey will extend and heighten your pleasure to erotic joy in Lingam massage prolonging your estacy into orgasmic happy ending  not only achieve its ability to deliver ultimate relaxation, but satisfaction.

Touch and Glow is the best tender loving care Massage, a temptation designed with delicate caressing massage covering your entire body for you receive and enjoy delicious light feather long strokes, moving ever so slowly over your body and the most sensual massage experience of physical pleasure keeping you longer on the edge ecstasy, teasing you with playful moves, soothing your aches and pains away, melt your worries into oblivion where time disappear and all of your problems are forgotten, leaving you in a state of BLISS.

    Erotic Massage 

Surrender to get lost in the unprecedented pleasurable massage a powerful and provocative experience, whenever you desire! Our goddess a rare fruit of exquisite beauty will commit herself to help you connect on a much deeper more nourishing levels, to guide you on a mystical journey that captivates your physical senses and caresses away your cares, with delicate feather light sensational touch dancing and stroking your skin, teasing, provoking all of your senses and every inch of your entire body that will leave you breathless to produce an exquisitely and deeply intense pleasing feeling, the ultimate and sensuous heavenly stimulation and orgasmic body ecstasy. Experience tantra mystical journey a satisfying pleasurable massage fulfilment that you just have to try.

We desire the chance to offer you the art of touch massage pampering, pleasure beyond extraordinary, unlike anything you have ever experienced,  with fantastic techniques exceed the most demanding of expectorations that will contribute to the worlds’ most satisfying massage fulfilment leaving you totally relaxed and invigorated.