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Innovation in Massage – Mastering the Art of Relaxation

Touch works with energies to revitalise your body, mind and soul to enhance the quality of your life and provides the perfect solution to enhance healing to release anxiety and high levels of stress.

The incredible Art of Touch Massage was made popular for full body relaxation experience HEALING BENEFITS and relaxation. Touch massage release endorphins the feel good hormones, when the body feel’s pleasure, the body’s  secrete it’s own natural killer morphine to heal itself.  So feeling good, having fun and feeling happy is good for our well being.

Touch offers you a hypnotic moment of Luxury Relaxation where time disappears, and all your problems are forgotten… in a friendly atmosphere. Touch massage designed with fantastic techniques to be appreciated and enjoyed.

Massages are performed with 100% safe hands balancing energies an ancient ritual treats the body. Every treatment in our collection is a temptation designed with caring and attentive approach for you to receive and enjoy.

Diet and exercise alone cannot tone your tummy,

We all know when you loose weight fast it leaves you with saggy loose skin which is unattractive.

NEW IMAGE introducing you the state of the art non surgical cosmetic solution

3D- ULTRASONIC LIPOSUCTION offers a new dimension in non- surgical pain free fat removal and is completely non invasive, the revolutionary new method, skin tightening of fat and cellulite reduction treatment  for both the face & body treatment offer fantastic body contouring results.

Cosmetic Liposuction without surgery get Slim the smart way

Weight Loss the non evasive Fast, Safe & Effective Fat Removal,  noninvasive liposuction procedures Firm, Trim and Re-Shape Your Body line and boost your confidence 

The best kept Celebrity Beauty Secret is out

New Image Skin Tightening and Body Contouring Reshape your Body Line and reduce Cellulite.

  • Painless treatment with effective results

New Image helps you to look your best and boost your confidence.

Non-Invasive Fat & Cellulite reduction targeting specific problem areas, ensures that the fat removal treatment is comfortable yet highly effective at all times.

Comfortable treatment suitable for lunch hours, and you will also be able to continue with your day immediately after treatment.