Clients Code and Conduct

Touch and Glow masseuse are dedicated highly trained career professionals.

We take pride in providing our esteem clients with the highest quality massage therapy.

We offer Strictly professional treatments only,

Always respect  the massage therapist personal boundaries,

To avoid confusion we do not offer escort services. Please do not offend the masseuse to ask.

We kindly ask you not to solicit our masseuse do not touch the massage therapist during your massage.

Our treatments are designed around our clients needs and preferences to receive and enjoy invigorate body, mind and soul to promote healing and relaxation.

We kindly ask you to observe the following Client code of Conduct during your massage.

To further enhance your Touch massage experience for your added benefit be mindful of personal hygiene is required.

We ask you to be mindful of your personal hygiene shower prior to your massage experience.

Every Touch massage is an unique and amazing experience designed to be received and enjoyed.

Just  let the masseuse do all the work do not touch the massage therapist during your treatment

Every massage therapy is designed with 100% pure hands therapy for personal luxury and relaxation experience.